Prosperity is a Verb

Prosperity is not something you have. Rather, it is something you do. Prosperity is not some static place of wealth and security. It is what happens when you take care of another’s need and for that accomplishment you are given something of value in return.

The richest people are those have something so wonderful to offer to people that others want to associate with them and help them meet the needs of others. It is a rare person who can engender the goodwill of others to such a degree that he or she magnifies the breadth and reach of those in need.

Quite simply, if you want to be prosperous you must do, be, and have the thoughts and desires that attract it. You must love yourself first and have the desire to help or serve the needs of others. Every person with money I have ever met has these qualities. Lottery winners and heirs to wealth always find there wealth evaporate if they do not have these qualities. These qualities create and preserve wealth because the person who loves himself or herself finds ways to help others without depleting his or her own spirit and resources. In this way a prosperous person always have the ability to give.


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Only by assuming that others thoughts and experiences are as valid as our own will we understand what a peaceful mind feels like. I offer my impressions, questions, and encounters with the world not as THE truth but simply as MY truth. Thank you for listening. I look forward to returning the compliment.   

– Tom Michero