Place of Peace

There will be no peace in the world until we have the courage to find it within themselves. The world will be a disaster and a threat to anyone who has not first found peace in within themselves. No amount of control or  service to others will add one iota of peace to your neighborhood, your family, your country, or the planet. Peace does not come from changing the world into the vision we have for it. Peace comes quietly to each of us when we embrace for ourselves the feeling of well-being. We cannot add peace to the world. We can only add it to ourselves. We will experience peace when we see it as something beautiful that we hold for ourselves the way a mother holds her infant in her arms. When we see peace as something we give ourselves, like a loving mother to her child, we will never let it go of no matter what.

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Only by assuming that others thoughts and experiences are as valid as our own will we understand what a peaceful mind feels like. I offer my impressions, questions, and encounters with the world not as THE truth but simply as MY truth. Thank you for listening. I look forward to returning the compliment.   

– Tom Michero