Give Us This Day Our Daily Meds

The Left wins! The Republicans are now toast and will be a mere footnote to the legend of America’s greatness. Since the winners get to write history, we will describe Republicans as the heartless vampires we know them to be, sucking the blood of union workers and women of childbearing age. There will be celebrations on Main Street and cheers resonating on network airways when the last battle between good and evil takes place this November. Obama is going to win and win big.

Mitt Romney will try to make us believe that Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act is really an IED on freedom’s road. He will tempt us with lies. He will try to scare us with facts. He will dangle historical evidence in front of our eyes to convince us that access and quality of care will be diminished. He will claim that going to the doctor will be like standing in line at the Post Office or being denied an FHA mortgage. He will tell us that a government that has ruined Social Security, Medicare, lost the War on Poverty, and that is 15 trillion dollars in debt will fail one more time.

We will not be fooled by these faint ruses. A silver-tongue devil will not sway our faith in Obama’s gospel. Our faith in the unseen is unshakeable. We are sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Our President tells us that things will be better under His Law. It has to be true. How could it not. Obama is Good. He promises that we will have eternal health care if only we believe. Give us strength. Tell us again how our evil enemies will pay, pay for it all. We want to believe. We want this suffering to end. Our President, who art in Washington, hear our prayers. Give us this day our daily meds.

If your Law fails, we will take that as a sign from You that it needs improving. Your Law is the Truth. It cannot fail like the heathen Republicans tell us. No, we will look to You to improve it no matter how many election cycles it takes. Your Truth is eternal. It is written, “I shall have no other Health Care Law before me. You are my President, my only President.” May your Name be praised. Amen!

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Only by assuming that others thoughts and experiences are as valid as our own will we understand what a peaceful mind feels like. I offer my impressions, questions, and encounters with the world not as THE truth but simply as MY truth. Thank you for listening. I look forward to returning the compliment.   

– Tom Michero