Helping Others

When you help others out of love for yourself you are truly free.  Helping someone out of obligation only feels good if you enjoy fulfilling obligations. Otherwise, helping someone is going to lead to resentment, frustration, and anger. You never bring healing to the world no matter who you help if your emotions turn negative. Yes, you may have pulled an injured person from a burning building and nursed them back to health but if you think you deserve anything in return, it is you who are burning in a fire.
The minute you give up doing things solely for your own amusement and pleasure the world becomes a darker place not just for you but for every one who encounters you. The greatest thing you can give anyone is some of your own happiness. So, the real question we need to ask is not “What can I do to help others.” No, the better question is “How can I be happy” for it is the happy person who will help others. It is the happy person who has the power to remove the burdens or others.

Become secure and loving of yourself. Be selfish. Be doggedly determined to put happiness first in you life. When you do, your happiness will overflow and refresh others effortlessly and you won’t even notice it. If volunteering at a hospital you makes you feel abundance and love, do that. If you get that love and abundance feeling while gardening, do that. If fishing is your thing, do that.

There are many floods and earthquakes in this world. Too many to deal with unless we first remember that we can not give what we don’t already have. Do whatever fills you with the feeling of love, abundance, and happiness.  That is what every tear on every cheek is needing you to do. That is what every hungry child is telling you. That is why others are crying. Their souls know when you love yourself, you will be their rescue.

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Only by assuming that others thoughts and experiences are as valid as our own will we understand what a peaceful mind feels like. I offer my impressions, questions, and encounters with the world not as THE truth but simply as MY truth. Thank you for listening. I look forward to returning the compliment.   

– Tom Michero